Caprese salad with strawberry, mozzarells, basil and balsamic

Strawberries in Bargalló Modena Vinegar

It serves 4 people
10 strawberries
75 g of sugar
150 ml of Bargalló Modena vinegar
1 plain yoghurt

Melt the sugar in a frying pan to make the caramel and reduce it for a few minutes.

Then clean 8 strawberries, chop them and sauté them immediately in the pan with the caramel. At the same time, add the Bargalló Modena vinegar and leave it to reduce for 3 minutes. Remove the strawberries after this time.

Draw the juice from the remaining two strawberries and add it to the caramel reduction with sugar. Leave it to reduce for a further 5 minutes and add the strawberries again; leave to cool.



Serve the strawberries in Modena vinegar in a bowl with yoghurt.

It serves 4 people

Preparation 30 minutes

Medium dificulty