Different formats for using and cooking in restaurants covering the full range of needs of industrial and professional kitchens. Based on the high quality of the product, the content and its handling. We offer tins of 10 and 25 litres of different varieties of vegetable oil, oils that withstand the high temperatures of the fryer. Without fumes or smells and which last longer in fryers than other vegetable oils.

Bargasol oil is a 100% high oleic sunflower oil with 81% oleic acid, which is the maximum that can be obtained in a high oleic sunflower oil. Due to its composition in fatty acids, it is the closest thing to olive oil. Bargasol oil is rich in omega 9 oleic acid, unlike conventional sunflower oil that is rich in omega 6.

This difference ensures better conservation. Bargasol oil is an oil that is composed of monounsaturated fatty acids. This fact allows it to better resist frying at high temperatures, than other composition oils with polyunsaturated fats.

Bargasol has a neutral taste and color. Which, in addition to not interfering or changing the taste of food, makes it more tolerant for people who do not like the taste of an intense oil such as refined olive oil. For its quality Bargasol guarantees that the process of frying will not be a very expensive process, if it is carried out correctly.

Good raw material is essential to optimize the process. Reducing your frying costs is not achieved simply by using a cheaper product, but looking for one that by its working characteristics gives you the best quality and performance.

The smoke point is at 220º, which is better withstand temperatures. The presentation in metal can with interior and exterior varnishing, guarantees that the roasting is later.

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